If you’re a regular customer of mine, you’ve likely heard me talk about "assembly-line card-making". Well, here are some photos to show you what I mean. I have been playing with these for the past week off and on. The beauty of this, aside from the obvious in creating lots of cards to have on hand, is that when I make the focal point it is often the result of my wanting to stamp like a maniac without a plan in mind. What I mean is that I feel like stamping but I don’t have an occasion per se so I just visually wander through my stamp cupboard and find a set I haven’t played with and I stamp one image a zillion times. I then color it, embellish it, whatever… then the next step is to put it on a coordinating piece of cardstock. Often they really are those "pieces" of whole sheets you might have laying around. The way I store my paper is in hanging file folders. When I have anything less than a full sheet, I still just put those pieces back in that file. When I’m mounting my assembly-line images, those scraps really play an important part and I feel that I’ve gotten all the value out of each sheet of cardstock.

Last night, I sorted the images into color themes and put them into baggies by color. The next time I feel I want to play with them, I’ll choose a baggie and just focus on one color family to match. No, the colors in each baggies aren’t exact (I may have Summer Sun or Yo Yo Yellow in my yellow bag) but it sort of narrows the focus as to what color card I’m looking for.

I have one photo with 6 somewhat completed cards. Well, maybe not "completed" as I may add ribbon or a brad or a ? and I still have to add the sentiment but they’re well on their way to being close to mail or share.

See photo album on left column. Enjoy!