Pat posted a comment to my last post about Cuttlebug so I just wanted to mention it again. I love it! I just opened it up again while watching a movie. I went into my file folders of cardstock and pulled out a bunch of half sheets (both widthwise and lengthwise) and some quarter card "fronts". I even used vellum and will put the white vellum on top of a white card and affix with a colored or white (?) ribbon. Super elegant.

My favorite shape of a card starts with a whole piece of cardstock cut in half down the long way (vertically). I either then have the fold at the top of the card or on the left. Because having the fold on the left doesn’t allow for the entire embossing folder to cover the front, I just played and embossed so that the embossing was flush right and it covered that portion from top to bottom. It left a blank space on the left which I will fill at some point. Maybe a ribbon or a tag or an eyelet design or….? These types of cards are just like my assembly-line stamped ones. I’ll get them mostly done or finish a few but it’ll be okay if I don’t do more quite yet.

Forcing myself to finish all of them takes the fun out of it and makes it feel more like work. Pace yourself and just keep enjoying the creative process without putting deadlines on it. It works for me 🙂

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