SU customer/friend emailed me last night and asked "I’d love to see what other people use to store/organize their punches.  I have mine in drawers but it seems there should be an easier way.  They could send photos.  I think it would be cool.  My punches are overflowing and I am trying to figure out ways to organize them."

So, if you have a special way to store your punches (mine are in a plastic drawer of one of those plastic things that are vertical with 4-5 drawers) then please forward a photo and I’ll share the photos. No deadline per se, just get them to me soon.

May 13 reply from friend Debbie: "How I store my punches (picture attached).  It is a Punch Pal.  I found the best prices on EBAY.  Beverly’s has them too sometimes and that is a good price with a coupon.  They come in two sizes – this is the small/medium and there is another that is a medium/large. Lots of clear pockets (good for embellishments and other small things too), hangs on the back of the door so I can easily see everything I have.  Two (or more) Punch Pals will connect together (one above the other) and then all hang on the back of a door if you want." Thank you Debbie! Punch_pal_2