Have you noticed that there are some great new sets with a bunch of sentiments or images on one block in this year’s new catalog? For instance, see Block Party, pg. 38, or So Many Sayings, pg. 17 (the #1 hostess set in my July sales – almost everyone chose it!), or Happiness, pg. 118. Take a good look and note that if you simply color a specific word or phrase or image, that that one big image has gobs of uses. Today I’m sharing a tutorial on using markers to refresh your memory as to how to do it the SU way. Of course it works with images such as shown in the photos but remember that there are new sets that have words on them that you can extract the same way.





Multiple Colors with Markers


Using markers samples



1) Use a marker to apply color to the stamp. Ink only the part of the stamp you need.

2) Add other colors if desired.

3) "Breathe" onto the inked image to remoisten the ink before stamping onto paper.


1) For a more muted, watercolor look, spray a fine mist of water on the stamp instead of breathing on it.



Using Markers Techniques