Had to share my news since you helped me to earn this! I found out that I am, once again, on the list of top 100 Demonstrators of the Year! I did slip from #21 to #55 (out of 55,000) but I find that thrilling nonetheless since my year at my "real" job was wicked. I earn $500 cash for that ranking. The fact that I could hold my SU business together amidst that blows me away. Now that that horror is over, I can concentrate on being a better demonstrator. I am now also again part of Stampin’ Up!s Founder’s Circle where I will be spending 4 days on a retreat with other similarly ranked demonstrators at a retreat outside Phoenix in September.

I also won a Milestone Award for reaching $100,000 in sales and that earned me $1,000. I got some other smaller awards that earned me free stamp sets but I don’t know the official word on those yet. I reached my 5-year anniversary with the company which is also recognized. Oh, and I received my packet officially congratulating me on  earning the cruise to Bermuda in March 2008. All this in the past few days while I was on vacation. I’m so excited!

Thank YOU for everything you might have done to help me earn this year’s awards!!