Over the past 6 weeks or so, I began my assembly-line card making again. My premise was SO basic and was rooted in a workshop I attended by another demonstrator. The bare bones is this: a few months ago, I unearthed a few hundred cards that I’d saved that are handmade. I loved having them as inspiration BUT why keep it all? What I did was took the box full and began cutting them in half. I kept the stamped part and removed the back of the card. Most of those backs had writing in them as they were for an occasion and written to me. Once I cut that part off and turned them over, I had a 1/4 size piece of blank cardstock. Why let it sit in a box in my garage forever? Instead, I ran all of them thru my Cuttlebug using an embossing folder. I then cut most of those in 1/2 thereby doubling the backgrounds I had to work with. I trimmed them to make them a hair narrower then adhered them to a regular 1/4 card and added some of the gobs of 12 x 12 scrapbooking paper I have on hand from a variety of sources (most from one of the Stacks that Joann’s sells). THEN I made a focal point for some of them. See the photos and you’ll see a bunch from Totally Cool, a bunch from Looks Like Spring, a couple from Garden Silhouettes and a few still blank waiting for a focal point. Voila, a ton of cards on hand! (note that the "real" life cards are much more vibrant in color than these photos depict).

Also note that I rarely (if ever) put a sentiment on until the need arises. All these cards will have a sentiment…. later.





Now look at the darling hot pink box they’re in. That was $3.49 on clearance at Joann’s today. It snaps together. Isn’t it hot?

Now, go forth and use your backs of saved cards and recycle them into something new!