I am not sure if this is a secret or not but I am a HUGE football fan. In the fall, from Saturday through Monday night, do not talk to me! There is no sport I enjoy more and one side benefit is that it’s a great time to be creative. I knit so many scarves in past years! Today I made mini legal pads for Kirsten and her 4 freshman little sisters. As a senior, Kirsten (NOT Kristen – why do people call her Kristen? it drives her crazy and makes her angry "don’t people listen to what my name is!?", she cries all too often), she had the opportunity to be chosen as a Big Sister for 4 frosh girls. She loves it! As I’m now a "granma", of sorts, I asked her for her little sis names and while she’s been out all day with friends, I made the mini legal pads below. I chose the red and darker yellow as their school colors are red and gold. I hope they like them! I am still working on a template to share but these aer SO quick and easy. All they require for the main part is one sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock. My upline had us make these in workshop before I was a demo and I still have the two that Kirsten and I made at that event sometime around 2000 or 2001. When the pad runs out, I just gently rip the cover off (it’s attached on the back with 2-way tape) and tape a new pad on!