Today I went to Target to get, naturally, something totally unrelated to birthday party invitations but invariably, I stroll into other department just to peek. Kendall’s August birthday passed in a blur and we are only now putting a party together. Originally, I was going to made a purse card invite. When I saw these flowers today, I had to have them! They are meant to be filled in by hand on the green side. Nah, forget that. Instead I tried to find a font to coordinate with the font already on there that reads "An Invitation". All it took was a few minutes setting up a document on Publisher where I had circles to fill in with text. I filled them all in (making the circle I was typing in bigger than what I needed cut out which provides appropriate margins for my text so when I punched them they’d fit just fine) then I ran some various sheets of green-based 12 x 12 paper thru my laser printer. I cut the 12 x 12 into half, more or less, and it was a snap to print. I then simply used a round punch (1 1/2") to punch out the invitation details, I adhered them onto the store-bought invite, used the scallop punch to create a yellow center and, voila, all done!! All for $6 in invites, some old scrapbook paper and the punches I already had!

See, you can still put a handmade flavor onto a store-bought card!

I didn’t have enough of any one style of green scrapbooking paper so I photographed all the ones I had for you to see, plus the flip-side of the invite.