I am offering two gals a chance to EACH win one $200 rebate if she signs up to be a demonstrator under me in either October or November via one name pulled in a drawing on November 1 and one on December 1!!! Yes, WOW!!! A total of TWO $200 rebates WILL be awarded!

If you sign up in October, your name will be in a drawing on November 1 and one of you WILL get a check for $200 from me immediately! If you do not win, your name stays in the drawing. Similarly, everyone who signs up with me in November has her name put in the drawing. On December 1, a 2nd $200 name will be drawn from all those who signed up in both October and November. A total of TWO $200 rebates will be given by me personally! Here’s a flyer outlining all this – share it with a friend! Download starter_kit_drawing.pub

The kit is such a deal as it is so even if you don’t win, you’re still a winner!! And, remember, a new catalog is coming out at the end of December plus Sell-A-Bration is later in March. Both are really hot times to sell!

Here are all the forms you might need to help you make your decision:

  1. Independent Demonstrator Application: Due to SU’s copyright on this form, I cannot post it here after all – please ask me for it 
  2. Independent Demonstrator Agreement: Ditto #1
  3. Starter Kit Order Form: Ditto #1 
  4. Starter Kit Info Flyer: Download starterkit_flyer_0606.pdf
  5. Stella’s Frequently Asked Questions About Being a Demonstrator: Download su_faq_about_demonstrators_by_stella.doc

You cannot send in all the forms without my signature on #1. So, if you are interested, I can email you forms #1-#3 to read but I need to mail you #1 with a signature.

If this is not for you, you can still tell a friend!

And in answer to my most frequently asked question: YES you absolutely can be a demonstrator SOLELY to get the discount and you never ever have to have a workshop!