At this past summer’s Stampin’ Up! convention apparently attendees learned how to make an icicle strand using Crystal Effects and Dazzling Diamonds Glitter. I tried it today. Not thrilled with my result though the inspiration sample that I saw on SCS today was much better. Maybe it takes more practice. Though my result is not super high quality, I am still sharing it so you can envision the general idea and perhaps your result is a lot better.

It was easy in terms of simple steps but it was more precise than I expected. I threw away 4 lines of Crystal Effects before finally using this one I’m about to show because my lines of Crystal Effects were too thick or something because it started to get really wide. Icicles are supposed to be a bit thinner. Anyway, this is my attempt and it may be something you want to try to embellish a holiday card. I did not make a card with it yet but I made it long enough to go across a card that is 5.5" wide. Here goes:

Step 1 = Crystal Effects, waxed paper and Dazzling Diamonds Glitter. Icing_materials

Step 2 = Using the Crystal Effects, begin drawing an icicle onto a piece of waxed paper. Go left to right, then up and down every 1/4" or so. I think a trick is to move fast so that it does not pool and get wide. Icing_step_1

Step 3 = Sprinkle glitter over icicle. Icing_glitter_step_2_2

Step 4 = Let dry for at least an hour or until you are sure it’s set. Once dry, carefully shake off excess glitter.

Step 5 = Peel icicle off waxed paper very carefully so as to not tear it.

Step 6 = Adhere the icicle to a card with SNAIL or a tape strip (you know those narrow strips with sticky on both sides) or whatever you like best. Voila – an icicle! (Photos do not do it justice. It’s pretty cool in real life!)Icicle_finished