1. Squeeze out a blob of clear gel glue onto a sheet of medium weight acetate. Spread it around with your finger…leaving it fairly thick.
  2. For the next step you might want to use some sort of stick…like a Popsicle stick to move the color around. Drop a few different colors of reinkers on the glue and spread around. Add more drops of color if desired.
  3. Take a piece of white tissue, that has been cut slightly larger than the glue/ink area & crinkle it all up it. Open it up & leave it wrinkly.
  4. Place the tissue paper on top of glue/ink and set aside to dry (peel back a corner to check that ink is dry).
  5. When dry, peel tissue away from acetate and use whole or in pieces for a cool background. Finished tissue paper has the look of stained glass.