This can be a little tricky & will take some practice!  For best
results use pigment ink because it’s a slower drying ink.

1.  Ink up your stamp.

probably cannot use a large image. Practice on scrap paper before you use a
better surface/card stock.

 2.  Lay your inked stamp,
rubber side up & roll your clean brayer over the rubber “once.” You do need
to use some pressure, but not too much or you will distort your image!

 3.  Now look & see where
the beginning of the image starts on the brayer & line that up with where
you want the image to go on the card. Roll it in one direction & just
“once” onto your card.

 4.  Now ink up the same
stamp……but stamp it off onto scrap paper first before stamping next to the
brayered image.  You do this so that both the brayered image & the
stamped image have the same intensity of ink. 

 5.  Now you have two images
side by side mirroring each other!