I am so excited!!! Today we heard a big announcement from Stampin’ Up! that soon (didn’t say when) our customers will be able to order directly off our website OR directly off the SU customer website. That means you can have 24/7 access to SU products and even place an order at 1 AM in your jammies!

There were some differences between ordering on my site (www.StellarStamps.StampinUp.net) or the SU one (www.StampinUp.com) and the primary difference is that it’ll be cheaper to do it on my SU site rather than on the main corporate SU site (SU is offering a lower price if you order through a demonstrator). Another thing to note is that there was no discussion about a demonstrator offering a freebie, discount or personal incentive. My guess is that I’d have to handle that the same way I do it now (you email me with your order) and that you won’t be able to get my deals via this additional/new method of ordering. But if you want to order and pay full price, you will have that option without involving me at all. You can use your credit card as well. For some, it may be convenient. Others may want to keep with me processing the orders personally to keep getting those promotions I offer. It’s all good in my opinion. Something for everyone!!

As soon as I learn when this will be available, I’ll let ya know.