Monday, August 18, Kendall (my 3rd of 4 children) turns 13! I’ve survived two other teens under my roof… I think I can survive another but forget it when it comes to teaching another kid to drive. I don’t think I can do that ever again! This photo was taken last weekend when the whole family went out to dinner to celebrate. Older brother and sister left for college August 12, way across country, so we had to celebrate early to get us all in one place to honor Kendall.

Tomorrow (Monday) we spent the day, from opening to closing, at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for her birthday activity. Her 2 friends will be here shortly to spend the night. Before the sleepover, we’ll all go out for sushi at our favorite sushi place where Matt works when he’s home from school. I love that Kendall chose sushi. It warms my heart as a mother that she is accepting of my old-fashioned "you will try anything" rule. I think because of my eastern European upbringing, I do eat just about anything and I have been very steadfast in my admonition to my kids to do the same. They all love sushi.. hooray!!! Unfortunately, Dad is still in Alabama with the older two until tomorrow night so it’ll be me, younger bro Michael, Kendall and her 2 friends for the amusement park.

So, to honor Kendall, I wanted to share a little bit about her and show you our photo from last weekend’s dinner. Doesn’t she look a lot like me?



And so I don’t leave anyone else out who was at Kendall’s dinner… here’s Matt and Kirsten with Granma  (Jan) then there’s Dad (Doug) with Michael.