… fumes, that is! Just so you get an idea how I do it (I won’t even try to explain "why" — it’s just one of those A-type little quirks of mine), here’s my garage floor soon after I get any new stamp set. I seal the woods on all sides. I have done it for at least a couple years. I know it helps repel ink and I think it adds life to my stamps. It also helps with resale when they retire as it implies longevity and that I took care of them. Anyway, here’s my garage floor at this very minute. I use all sorts of sealers. This time I am using the Triple-Coat Clear Glaze Krylon shown in the photo (bought at Wal Mart for $2.97). I prefer it because I only have to do one coat on each side. Speeds things up for me. Be sure to ventilate properly!