I am so sad that my very first convention is now over, boo, hoo. I had THE most incredible time. My eyes are sort of blurring (really) so I’m gonna be short. What I really just want to do for now is share the photos. I took over 500 but the Picasa albums can only hold 500 so I weeded some out. I tried to put captions on ones that seemed to call for it but the hundreds of sample photos don’t have captions. There were walls and walls and walls of samples. It was overwhelming! There were live demonstrations too and I took photos of the giant screens used for us to see what was being created at the table on stage.I took as many photos as I could and I think I got a huge portion of them. They can provide some incredibly creative inspiration for you and there are literally hundreds of cards and projects shown in my photos.

If you do not want to see the new catalog cover or anything within, please don’t peek. But if you do, enjoy! I sure did 🙂

Click here to see my convention photos! If you cannot get on, it might be logjammed. I tested it much earlier and it worked fine. Try again later???