Don’t you just hate it when you see Halloween candy at stores in August
then before we know it, just as school starts, we’ll see Christmas
decorations in every retail business? Well, to further the premature
holiday irritation, I’m gonna show you what I made today, LOL….

At Stampin’ Up!s convention a couple weeks ago, we were shown a darling
project using one of our Decor Elements items that will be released this fall during Phase 2 of the new product roll-out. The item, a spooky
spider, was only available to convention attendees initially so, of course, I had to have one. It is only $10.95 and is huge! A corporate gal showed a darling project (see first photo) that I had to copy. The jar is from Target and was $13.29 (made by Anchor Hocking). It’s hard to tell in the photo how big it is but the jar stands about 12" tall. Really big.

Here’s Stampin’ Up!s version and afterwards is mine. I wish I had better ribbon but, perhaps, I can swap it out later. I went ahead and took the plunge and put the web thread all the way up to the top of the lid. It was so much easier than I imagined. I was nervous as this was my first Decor installation but I watched the video on our website and followed the written instructions and, voila, it was a snap! My 10-yr old son, Michael, watched as I peeled off the backing when I had applied the spider to the jar and he said "coooolllll!" when it came off without tearing or anything. High praise from one of my fans 😉

The corporate version.

And Stella’s version (without candy… hey, I may be crazy but not crazy enough to buy Halloween candy in August!):