Every catalog cycle, the whole family gets into the act of getting my catalogs from cases newly delivered by UPS to the beautiful condition they’re in now (packed and ready to go!). It’s 11:15 PM and I have not stopped since about 4 PM. I actually had less family help than usual but that was unavoidable due to prior commitments that two of the kids had. In any event, Kendall (12 9/10) gets credit for all the labels on the back of the catalog. Michael (10) smashed all the boxes into the recycling bin. Matt (20) took all the catalogs out of the boxes and stacked them on the dining room table. Hmmmm…. can’t think of what Kirsten (18) did to help. She went to her friend’s house which meant she wasn’t home to complain about helping so I guess that in and of itself is a sort of help… in a twisted sort of way.

Well, it’s all done and though I had hoped to drop them off tonight, I can barely move. They go out first thing Thursday morning. And if you have a friend who wants one, I have a lot extra right now. Have them use the button here on my blog.

Here’s a photo of my dining table just before I start loading up my van.