Have been having some issues with customers saying they have not received an email from me or that I have not received theirs. Had my email provider dissect my settings and they swear it’s not on my end especially when they noted that I had this special setting on it that they put on about 6 months ago that tells other systems that I am not Spam. Nevertheless, they had 2 suggestions that they think will help as they say it’s the "other" end in their opinion.

  1. Please put me into your Contact list for emails. Just add me into your Address Book as though I were your Aunt Sally or neighbor. You can use Stellar as the first name and Stamps as the last name then input my email as StellarStamps@comcast.net. That will prevent my emails from going into your Spam folder.
  2. If you email me and it’s rejected, then I’ve been told that it just may be that the server is not awake at that moment. Try again or adjust your settings. The tech guy said maybe the other side’s email had spoofed my email. Huh? What he means is that someone can infiltrate your email and then find my email address on your end and pretend to be me thus making your system think I’m Spam. I know that is not a good explanation and it may not be exactly right but the point is… email does not always connect and it’s not perfect.
  3. If you think I should have received an email and you have not heard from me, send me a message via my Stampin’ Up! website www.StellarStamps.StampinUp.net. There’s a Contact Me area there and I seem to get 100% of those messages filtered thru my own website. All my customers seem to know that when you email me, I reply immediately (within hours at most). If it’s been a day, you can bet that our emails are circling the globe but not getting into one of our inboxes. Go onto my website and say "hey, are ya there?" and we’ll figure out what’s disconnecting us.

So, if you can simply add me to your Contacts list then we’ll be creating a more open communication between us. Thanks!!!

P.S. A gentle reminder. Please do not send me mass forwarded email. Many of those have viruses. Thank you for that consideration as I do what I can to protect my business email and my business. Lost emails mean lost sales 🙁