& Bake Sugar Cookies (like Pillsbury) * Cookie Sheet * Cake Decorator’s
Coloring for Icing OR Stampin’ Ink Refills * Bold Stamp Images



  1. Slice the
    cookies as directed on the cookie package.

  2. Place
    them on a cookie sheet & put into the freezer.  (This prevents the stamp from sinking
    into soft dough & getting dough stuck into the rubber stamp.)
  3. Place
    coloring onto a plate & create a ink pad by using a coffee
  4. Lightly
    tap the stamp onto the coffee filter until the color starts to come
    through.  “Ink up” your stamp with
    this coloring & begin stamping on your cookies.  
  5. If the
    stamp starts to stick….put it in the freezer again.   They will soften as they thaw.
  6. Bake the
    cookies as directed on the cookie package.  


*Note:  As the cookie bakes the image will change
& spread.  Do a test cookie or two to
see the results before continuing to make a whole batch.  Some people use ink refills (they’re
non-toxic) & some people use professional cake decorators coloring.  The difference is that the professional
coloring is thicker than regular food coloring or ink refills.