Carved our pumpkins last night. Kendall's friend, Tori, carved her first pumpkin at our house! Tori's in on the left in the photo of the trio, Kendall's is on the right. Guess who is the smart aleck that made the "Candy" with the arrow pumpkin? Me, of course! Michael's is the little one in the photo by itself. Michael (10) is an Indian and Kendall (13 – my sweet Catholic school 8th grader) is "emo". It's funny because she is not smiling to stay in character and I never see her without a smile. It looks strange to see her face so dour but the costume looks cool on her.

Happy Halloween! Doug will be home handing out candy while I take Michael and his best buddy, Connor, around our new neighborhood. Kendall and her friends are going to Tori's house.

Punkins 1
Punkins 2
MacKay Trick or Treaters