Spring-Summer 2009 Idea Book & Catalog


It’s that time
again! (TELL A FRIEND!)


The next catalog
will be released in mid-January. As always, the day I receive them, I turn them
around and ship them out. The catalog price is still the same and I am still
selling them below my cost. There
will be 2 ways to get a catalog and I urge you to read these instructions carefully.


  • Catalog price = $3.95 (I pay $4.15 for
    each one)
  • Shipping = $4.75 via Flat Rate Priority
    Mail (if you pay me via Pay Pal that will include free Delivery
  • Total for one idea book & catalog =
    $8.70 (that is 2 ½ lattes at Starbucks or less than one stamping magazine
    nowadays which is much skimpier than our beefy idea book).
  • Multiple catalogs: Each catalog remains
    the same price ($3.95) but the more you order, the less shipping is so the
    overall cost gets lower. I can fit up to 7 catalogs into one Flat Rate Priority
    Box which costs $9.30 to ship. To calculate multiple catalog
    purchases just multiply # of catalogs x $3.95 and add $9.30. If you want
    more than 7, please email me.


  1. First time ever – you can earn a
    catalog FREE (+ shipping). For every $150+ order (that also qualifies for
    all the freebies relating to a workshop order), placed between today and
    December 31 you earn one FREE catalog! You will pay shipping for the one
    catalog ($4.75) and I will bill you
    for that in early January or you may ask me to add it to your $150+ order
    (though it does not count towards your purchase total for the purpose of
    earning hostess benefits – a catalog from me is totally separate from a
    product order)
    . Order on my web site at www.StellarStamps.StampinUp.net (NOT StampinUp.com) or email me
    your order.


  1. If you would like to pre-order one,
    please use the Pay Pal storefront that links within my blog in the upper
    right of the page as you open it (has Snoopy on it!) at www.StellarStamps.TypePad.com
    or use the Send Money feature on Pay Pal and send the appropriate amount
    to my email = StellarStamps@comcast.net
    and please put “Catalog” in the subject line. If you do not see the storefront on my blog (a few of you
    could not last time though over ¾ could see it), it’s just that your
    computer settings are somehow incompatible. No worries whatsoever! Just
    Send Money via Pay Pal per the instructions a couple sentences earlier.


  1. If you would like more than one catalog
    and no more than 7, simply use the Send Money feature on Pay Pal (to StellarStamps@comcast.net) and
    send $3.95 per catalog plus $9.30 shipping.


  1. Ordering by mail. I will accept payment
    by mail but I discourage it as the Pay Pal system allows me to print
    shipping labels with free Delivery Confirmation when the time comes while
    ordering by mail does not. If you do not want to use Pay Pal, please send
    a check or money order, in the appropriate amount as outlined above, to:


Stella MacKay

5953 Ranger Way

Carmichael CA


Deadline for
order-by-mail is December 31.


Please ask any
questions by phone or email.



(916) 903-7713