Stampin' Up! just shared this about the upcoming catalog. I think it's wise. Here are their words:

New Catalog Stampin' Supplies Online

January 7, 2009

When you receive the Spring-Summer 2009 Idea Book & Catalog,
you will notice that Stampin' Supplies are not listed in the back as
they were in the old Idea Book & Catalog. Stampin' Supplies for
projects featured in the new Idea Book & Catalog will be provided
on the Demonstrator Web Site and on the Customer Web Site at Products>Our Current Catalogs.

There are several reasons for this change, which we hope will benefit you and your customers.

  • In addition to listing the catalog page each project is found on,
    the online Stampin' Supplies list includes small pictures of each
    project right next to their supply lists–allowing you to find the list
    you want more quickly. (There wasn't space for this improvement in the
  • With a separate, printed copy of the Stampin' Supplies, you won't
    have to constantly flip back and forth between catalog pages. You'll
    have your list of Stampin' Supplies right next to you as you look at
    projects in the catalog.
  • Perhaps the best benefit is that by removing the Stampin' Supplies
    from the catalog, we're able to include more pages of wonderful, new
    Stampin' Up! products and projects!