I just emailed all my customers this info about new pricing in the new catalog:

Just found out from SU that there
are some price changes in the new catalog. Thought you’d want to know in case
you want to snap anything up now before the 19th when changes take
effect with the new catalog. SU did not list every change but they touched on
one major one: Classic Stampin’ Pads. Here’s what they


Classic Stampin' Pads and refills. The
price on this product was increased by the vendor. Although the price for
individual ink pads and refills has increased, please note that the price of the
Classic Pads in color families remains the same. Purchasing ink pads in color
families is a better deal than ever!


Right now a pad is
$5.25 and it’ll change to $5.95.

Refills are $2.75 and
will go to $2.95.

Sets of 12 in a color
family remain the same price.


About some of the stamp


Die-cut stamp sets. Although we have been
introducing die-cut sets into the past several catalogs, many of the sets
remained square cut. For this catalog, we've transitioned to an almost exclusive
die-cut offering. (Mini alphabets and background stamps are not die cut.) Sets
that made this transition have been priced accordingly because of the increased
benefits including the ease of assembly.


A general comment by


We want to make you aware of one thing
you'll see when the new catalog arrives–prices have increased on a few select

This is not a catalog-wide,
across-the-board increase. Most prices remain the same. With certain accessories
(such as Stampin' Mist), the price increased because the costs of materials,
production, and delivery have increased.