During our move into our new home a couple months ago, all sorts of things revealed themselves that were tucked into nooks & crannies of our old house. I'm slowly finding things now that I am enjoying again. One such discovery was this Simply Sent kit from a couple years ago. Interestingly, though this kit is long gone, the stamp set (More Thoughts) in it is part of a new Simply Sent kit in the new catalog (pg. 171). It took hardly any time at all to make 12 cards. In fact, I think I was sitting watching a football playoff game and I did them at a leisurely pace during one or two quarters of the game. I also did not do Thinking of You cards (as the kit instructions showed) but made all of them either birthday or thanks. These are a great "bird in the hand" if you need a card in a hurry. I'm putting them in my stash which I pluck cards out of throughout the year.
Simply Sent cards