Over the years, I've shared lots of places a stamper can send a card to someone just for fun or who might be in a special need. Lots of you have supported my elder daughter Kirsten in her high school magazine sales which got her to Hawaii twice as the top salesperson at her school! Now she's in college, over 2500 miles away, and this will be her first away from home. I've already shipped one box of gifts and necessities for both her and her brother. The 2nd box of goodies is about to go out and is all for her (except for the baseball mitts Matt called us about yesterday and asked us to ship as they're starting an intramural baseball team!).

I'd love to shower her with birthday cards too. Being away from home on one's 19th birthday has got to be hard and her brother leaves for Mardi Gras in New Orleans ON her 2/20 birthday (sort of an unfortunate coincidence of timing). Last year she turned 18 five days after her grandfather died and his funeral was two days after her birthday plus her brother was far away studying in Italy. Needless to say, this kid needs a super birthday this year.

This is not meant for everyone as I wouldn't expect this to be of interest to everyone but there are enough SU customers and friends who read my blog who have gotten to know my family who might want to have a reason to make a card. If so, here's her address:

Kirsten MacKay (not Kristen)
PO Box 862412
Tuscaloosa AL 35486

Thanks!!! Here's my birthday girl 🙂