California is in a drought right now. You may not know that most of California is desert. Northern Cal, where I now live, is the water source for the southern part where I came from. So funny because Nor Cal folks are very territorial about "our" water and that we supply "them". I tell ya, California is like two states; the north and the south. I spent 38 years in the south and almost 10 in the north and I will never go back south. Anyway, this week we have much needed rain. It was gorgeous this morning but as I was coming out of the parking lot after picking up Kendall and Michael from school, I turned to the west and said "wow, look at how dark those clouds are…" We drove another 3-4 minutes and were going to stop at the grocery store. By the time we got there, the floodgates opened with huge raindrops and we got soaked running into the market. It was amazing how fast the downpour came and I welcomed it.

Later, closer to dinnertime as the sun was setting, I happen to look out my kitchen window which faces east and I was struck by this brilliant sunlight on the trees across the street with a dark, dark sky in the background. I grabbed my camera and yelled to the kids "come outside… there's going to be a rainbow!" We all ran to the front of our house and looked everywhere but no rainbow. The kids went back in but I just knew that the sky I was seeing was one that often produces a rainbow. Not 2 seconds later, I saw the rainbow forming. It was a whole huge one from end to end. Had to call for the kids again.

Something about that sky was amazing. You get a taste of the vibrancy from the photo. The first is before the rainbow just as I ran out (I didn't want to miss at least getting one photo of that bright light on those trees) and the 2nd photo is literally a minute or two later. The sky looks blue in the photos but it was dark gray. That's California for you – ever changing and always beautiful!
Looking towards Berry house