Gail (in WA) shared this paper folding idea with me this week and I love it! So pretty 🙂

Samples of Gail's folding cards online

Gail recommends this site for samples and patterns

Gail sent me many photos of samples and patterns out of a book she used to learn from but I'm sure that copyright laws won't allow me to post those here. Gail used a book called "460 Iris Folded Cards to Make  by Maruscha Gaasenbeek & Tine Beauveser". It is not in my county library system. Gail then recommended searching by the term "iris folding". Regardless, linking to the two sites above will give you a good idea what "iris folding" is all about.

The book Gail recommends is on (my favorite resource for books). Looks like it's new so maybe that's why my library does not have it. See what it looks like here: The book Gail used here on

And the book is on Amazon:

Here's a card Gail shared after I posted this. Cool!!!

Iris Folded Egg