If you live on a military base outside the US, you can be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator with the base commander's permission. One great benefit is that you pay nothing more for shipping and you have no quarterly sales requirement. Until Jen approached me, I didn't even realize what Stampin' Up! did for military families who wanted to enjoy some good old fashioned paper crafting. I think it's a sweet deal for a military demo as it allows him/her to stay connected to an activity that they love.

Today I asked all my downline to send me a digital photo so I can match a face to every name in my group of 65. I was blown away by Jen's photo. She teaches English in Japan and a student brought in a kimono for Jen to try on. I love this photo because Jen's pose is very respectful and demure, as I'd expect a Japanese woman to look. I asked Jen's permission to share this photo and she is being a very good sport to allow it, thanks Jen – you are beautiful!

It is just a neat representation of her presence in Japan and that kimono is gorgeous!!
Jen Dickson