Announced today – WOW! Never seen anything like this since I joined in 2002. I'll post more when the details come out. Note that this is for March only I believe. I applaud SU for this sensitivity!

Three Easy Payments Starter Kit Option Coming Soon

March 6, 2009

economically challenging times, most of us tighten our budgets. Some
expenditures that were once comfortable might now stretch a budget
thin. We don't want anyone's efforts to budget wisely to become a
barrier to joining Stampin' Up, especially considering the wonderful
benefits–personal and economical–being a demonstrator can bring. This
is why we're working on a Three Easy Payments option for the Starter
Kit. For a limited time, with a partial initial payment, a new recruit
can receive her Starter Kit and get her business running. Two
subsequent monthly payments take care of the rest.

We'll follow
up with details soon, but let prospective recruits who are concerned
about the up-front cost to sign up know this option is coming before
the end of Sale-A-Bration.