Ok, it's not June or July, it's March for heaven's sake and it's only in the 60s outside! I was supposed to pick up Kirsten (19) from the airport but the goof missed her flight from San Diego after visiting a friend (she flew from Alabama last Friday to visit friends in Los Angeles at UCLA then she took a train to San Diego to visit her best friend at USD and then she flew home from San Diego today) – anyway, I could not now get her with the new arrival time so Doug had to leave work to go get her. So I come home from picking kids up from school then going to Kendall's orthodontist and where is my college daughter? Outside applying sun screen by the pool! I have jeans and a long sleeved shirt on – she is in a bikini! Mama mia… these crazy kids.

Here she is (ignore the non existent landscaping as we're having our backyard plan designed right this moment). Here's my little sun goddess trying to catch all the California rays she can before she returns to Alabama this Sunday.
Kirsten by the pool 1
Kirsten by the pool 2