My customer, Tina, asked a
good question. Here's her question and my email reply. It might be something
you're wondering too!

Question: How long would
I have to be signed on as a demonstrator and what does it cost each month or
quarter if I don’t have orders? … if you can let me know if I’m going to have
problems and major costs down the road for quitting too soon.

Answer: Here’s
the honest truth… absolutely no consequence whatsoever if you drop out after
any length of time. Seriously, there’s no down side to it. It’s wise to let it
run its course instead of quitting too early. What I mean is that, for
instance, the only requirement at all is to sell or buy $300 per quarter BUT
the quarter you sign up in is waived. Which means that if you sign up today,
you have until the end of the first full quarter to fulfill that and in
this case that’d be June 30. Let’s say you do not sell $300 by June 30, well
then on July 1 you go into “pending” and that means you are given one last
chance to stay ‘active”. To stay active, you have to make up whatever you were
short plus $100 by July 30. If that still doesn’t happen, you “drop” on August
1. So that is letting it run its course. There’s no benefit to quitting July 1
when you can still buy for yourself at a discount or take advantage of a
special or promotion, etc…

The moment you drop all that happens is that you
have no access to the SU demonstrator web site and you cannot order. No penalty
of any sort. You just stop being a demonstrator.

One thing that’s cool is that every new demo
gets an extra 10% off our regular 20% discount on everything on the very first
order she places in the first 45 days. I had a new gal sign up, then the next
week place a $305 order. That means she’s done for this quarter and does not
have another deadline until Sept. 30! That is a very long time. If you sell a
zillion dollars it does not carry over to the next quarter.