From today through April 30, Stampin' Up! is offering a "three-easy payment" option for the Starter Kit – hooray!!!!!!!!

The first payment is $56.34 (plus tax on the whole kit) if you sign up in March and the first payment is  $66.34 (plus tax on the whole kit) if you sign up in April. The 2nd and 3rd payments have no tax as you pay the whole kit tax up front. There are very important points to note so please read carefully.

  1. Recruits who wish to take advantage of the offer must submit their paperwork by mail to Demonstrator Support. You cannot do this online. It must be received by March 31 to get the $169 price and on April 1 the price goes back to $199 but you can still pay in installments up to April 30. There is no grace period.
  2. There are 3 forms you must mail together and 1 you keep. Here are the ones you must complete & mail Download Three_Easy_Payment_Plan_US7
  3. The Starter Kit can be customized. See below for what is in it OR page 14 of the regular catalog. Complete & mail Download US Starter Kit March 2009 In the upper right top of the form, handwrite which extra free set you want from SU as their gift if you sign up in March. The default, if you write nothing, is Define Your Life (page 147 of the catalog).
  4. I have to fax or mail you this form as it has to have my signature on it Download US_idepnt_demo_application_0708
  5. You read, agree to and keep this: Download US_indpndnt_demo_agrm_0708
  6. All 3 forms that you have to fill out must be mailed together and they MUST be received (not postmarked but received) by March 31 to get the $169 price. So, because I have to sign the form in #4, time is of the essence. Even if you're "thinking about it", I'd rather mail you a form ASAP and have you throw it away then not get to me in time as I leave for Hawaii on March 22 and will not return til March 29.

I know this is a lot of information but it's really pretty easy. Here are a few other points that are important to know:

  1. Any commissions for the demonstrator will be held until the final
    Starter Kit payment is successfully completed. At that point, Stampin'
    Up! will release commissions to the demonstrator. In the event that the
    second or third payment is unsuccessful, Stampin' Up! will satisfy the
    payment from the demonstrator's commissions and if necessary continue
    to hold commissions until the full Starter Kit payment is satisfied.
    Any remaining funds will then be released to the demonstrator.
  2. For recruits who wish to add the Stampin' Memories Starter Kit add-on
    for $50.00, this full amount (including any applicable taxes for the
    add-on) will be added to their initial Starter Kit payment.
  3. Any applicable state taxes will be charged with the first Starter Kit
    payment. (The full amount of taxes applicable to the total Starter Kit
    amount will be added to the first payment. No taxes will be applied to
    the second and third payments.)

Here’s what is in the kit to get you
started. Note that there’s a photo of the kit on page 14 of the regular catalog.
The items in red are all
items you can customize for a like item. All items in black are required
components of the kit.

 Any 1 Stamp Set Valued at $47.95 or less
(thru 3/31/09 only)
Any 1 Stamp Sets Valued at $37.95 or less $ 37.95
1 Stamp Set Valued at $32.95 or less $32.95
Any 1 Stamp Set Valued at $28.95
or less $28.95
Any 1 Stamp Set Valued at $21.95 or less $ 21.95
Any 1
Standard Wheel $ 6.50

Stampin' Around ® Handle  $3.95

Classic Ink Cartridge any
color $5.25
Stampin' Pastels ® $ 24.95
Assorted 8 1/2" x 11" Card Stock, (2 pkgs.) $
Neutral 8 1/2" x 11" Card Stock $7.50
SNAIL Adhesive
™  $6.95
Large Kraft Parisian
Damask Décor Elements $ 17.95

Décor Elements Applicator

Stampin' Scrub® Clean-Up Pad $ 14.95

Stampin' Mist ® $3.95
VersaMark® Pad $  7.50
Blender Pens $ 9.95

5 Classic Ink Pads any
color $ 26.25

A signing Bonus from Stella – up to a
$47.95 value (thru 3/16/09 only) $ 47.95 (This is not ordered when  you order
the kit. You just sign up then tell me which set I can order for you

Stamping Supplies $371.20
Catalogs and business
supplies $64.05

Total Value = up to $ 435.25
Starter Kit Price $
169.00+ tax (ships free)

The stamp sets alone in this kit (at this time) are valued at

EMAIL ME at or phone 916.903.7713 to have me mail that one form TODAY!

Note: Because this promotion goes through the end of Sale-A-Bration, I will extend my personal promotion to also give you ANY FREE SET OF YOUR CHOICE but only if you sign up by March 31.  Just sign up and then tell me which set of your choice I will buy for you as your gift!

Payments Breakdown for the Sale-A-Bration Starter Kit Price (March 13-31, 2009)

Starter Kit Payment during SAB onlyPayment Charged* Payment with Stampin' Memories Add-On* 
Payment 1 (charged at time kit is entered)  $56.34 (+ sales tax)$106.34 (+ sales tax) 
Payment 2 (charged around April 15th)  $56.33 $56.33 
Payment 3 (charged around May 15th) $56.33$56.33 
 Total Payment  $169.00 $219.00

Payments Breakdown for the Regular Starter Kit Price (April 1-30, 2009)

 Starter Kit Payment Payment Charged* Payment with Stampin' Memories Add-On*
 Payment 1 (charged at time kit is entered)$66.34 (+ sales tax) $116.34 (+ sales tax) 
Payment 2 (charged around May 15th) $66.33$66.33 
Payment 3 (charged around June 15th)  $66.33 $66.33 
Total Payment    $199.00   $249.00