Nowhere really. Every now and then I hibernate to rejuvenate. Between our March travels to Hawaii then our Easter-week trip to Disneyland, I was pooped! Sale-A-Bration during Feb and March started my timeline of poopededness. That sale wipes me out every year and I could not regroup when I was traveling here or there. My body is funny. It gets tired and yells at me to "slow down!" so I did and now I'm winding back up again 😉

I finally sealed all my new wood stamps with acrylic and mounted them all. I earned about $400 in free stamps due to my stats during our Sale-A-Bration sale and now they're ready to be played with. Be on the lookout for some cards this week and next.

Sorry to have been away but now I'm back and glad to be in touch with you again!

By the way, both college kids come home May 9 and 11. I cannot wait! I better sit on the sofa while I can since the couch potatoes are coming! (that is until they start their summer jobs, ha, ha, then the sofa is mine again!).