This is "that" time of the year. Lots of grad events! Kendall graduated from 8th grade last Friday and my godson, Jim, graduated from high school the next day (last Saturday). Three parties that day. Yesterday, I took Kendall and 3 of her friends to our closest Six Flags for the day while Kirsten and I killed time in San Francisco until it was time to pick them up. San Fran can be foggy and cool. It was glorious yesterday and we had THE best time! We had lunch at a great outdoor cafe in the North Beach (Italian) section of town then shopped in Union Square (there's a 3-story Forever 21 store there!) then visited Haight-Ashbury (where the hippie movement began in the 1960s) and the Castro district (from "Milk"). It was just a perfect mother-daughter outing.

Kendall on her graduation day last Friday. Her godmother treated her to having her hair highlighted and styled plus makeup just before her grad ceremony. She looked awesome!
Kendall on her graduation day
Here's the family at church after the graduation mass and awards presentation.
Kendall grad May 23
The next morning we were at my godson's high school graduation here in Sacramento. (He is attending university on a lacrosse scholarship – he's the league MVP, the school's MVP and holds a state record for this year!)
MacKays at Jims graduation
Kirsten wanted to see what the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco was like so we went! Here is (literally) the corner of Haight and Ashbury streets (see street sign).
Kirsten Haight Ashbury
Kirsten phoned brother Matt for input as she wanted to buy him a shirt from Haight. Um, I mean, she wanted ME to buy him a shirt. She chose it and, shockingly, I paid for it.
Kirsten in Haight tshirt store