Last night (Thursday), about 80% of the catalogs shipped before the post office's 6 PM cutoff (meaning that they got in Thursday's mail). I got home just after 6 PM then finished the rest and had my hubby take me back to the post office so I could drop off the other 20% but it was after the cutoff (of course) and would count as being in Friday's mail. My goal was to get 100% out of my hands on Thursday and I met my goal!!!

So, if you're reading this, every single catalog sold to a new eBay buyer was in Thursday's mail for sure. Every shipment that included a customer buying 3 or more catalogs will count as being in today's/Friday's mail (the boxes went out in the 2nd trip to the post office). The remainder were mostly in Thursday's mail but some were in Friday's.

The bottom line is that it is on its way. I hope you LOVE it!!! I can't stop going thru it. I want everything!

Oh, and if you want more, I ordered extras. Please email me for one: or (if your computer setting allow you to see it) order one thru my Pay Pal storefront to the right (has a big yellow star – for "Stella" as "Stella" is Latin for "star" – on it).

Happy cataloging!!!! (I know that's not a word ;-).