Today is the final day of the current catalog. All orders must be in by tonight – June 30. Ordering will be frantic today so please order early to avoid a logjam on the ordering site.

Retiring stamps: Download Retired_Lists_0609_US_BY PAGE NUMBER

Retiring accessories: see post below

OUTGOING Dormant List
– if you see a stamp set on the Retired List of sets above and it says "Dormant" by the page number, then you'll find it here: Download OLD OUTGOING Dormant List

NEW Dormant List – if you have an expiring catalog plus a new catalog and you cannot find sets in either and they're not on the Retiring List above, then they're on the NEW Dormant List and ARE available for sale through June 30, 2010 – Download Dormant List that expires June 2010. The images for these items can only be seen online in the Shop Now area.

Email me with your order at OR, better yet, place your order online at and click Shop Now.

Farewell old catalog  and welcome new catalog!