Preface: this is now back to being an ANNUAL catalog.

DEADLINE for all pre-orders = June 15

= within hours of my receiving them. Stampin' Up! will begin shipping
them to demonstrators on June 17.  I ALWAYS post on this blog when I
know they're arriving or when they come in. Then I post again when I
ship them. From start to finish, the turnaround is HOURS. I can only
accept pre-orders (per the Direct Sales Assoc. rules) 30 days in
advance and I sincerely believe I will be within that timeframe
. It's a fun and crazy time in our household and everyone helps. "All hands on deck!!" when that UPS guy drives up.

How to earn one FREE:

  1. Place any order of $150+ from JUNE 1 – JUNE 15 and I will give you one free catalog.

How to pre-order one NOW through June 15

  1. Go into the Pay Pal storefront in the upper right of this blog. It has a star on it and is large.
  2. If you cannot see the store to the upper right of this blog home
    page or if you cannot open it, your computer settings are simply not
    compatible. No worries. If that's the case, please just go into the Pay Pal Web Site and use the Send Money feature to proactively pay me. Send the appropriate amount to and please put "Catalog Pre-Order" in the subject line. Using Pay Pal also includes free Delivery Confirmation.
  3. Mail me a check. If you are not a Pay Pal user and do not want to
    go that route, a check is just fine. Email me personally for my home
    address as I prefer to not post it publicly.

Catalog price breakdown:

Each catalog is $3.95 no matter how many you buy (that price is below my cost of $4.15)

Shipping for 1 is $4.95 via Priority Flat Rate Envelope

TOTAL COST FOR 1 = $8.90

for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 is $9.95 via Priority Flat Rate Box (I may be able
to squeeze 7 in but I'm not sure about the size of the catalog yet –
will it be the same size as last time or larger like the old annual
one? not sure until I see it). Please email me at with any questions.