This is a very unique time to sign up as a demonstrator. "Things" occur now that do not occur at any other time. Here's what those unique things are:

  1. Did you know that you can get NEW items that you have not even seen yet in your Starter Kit right now? The kit is $199+ tax (ships free) and is worth about $340 AND is always customizable. During June, any new recruit can choose from the extra-discounted Sneak Peek stamp set list AND you may choose the NEW In Color ink and Card Stock where those options apply in the kit. To see the Starter Kit order form which serves as a road map to what you have the option to change in your own kit, open here:Download US_start_kit_09  Note that you can sign up directly off my web site (no papers to fill out) but this Starter Kit Order Form is here to just show you what is in the kit.
  2. Every Starter Kit includes 1 case of 8 catalogs. ONLY during June does a new demonstrator get a case of the current one we are using today THEN later this month, a 2nd case of the upcoming, brand new catalogs come to your door. That's a $30 value free!
  3. As of June 1, every demonstrator can get one free copy of the upcoming catalog in his/her first personal/demonstrator order placed before early July. Ordinarily, the free copy arrives in early July but I placed an order yesterday and when it comes, I get to see the new catalog as it'll be in it! What did I order to get that catalog so early? Sneak Peek items plus I could order one future Level-2 hostess item and one Level-3 item, which I did. Sneak Peek stamp sets are discounted so on top of my demo discount of 20%, I got another 20% off the stamp sets AND 10% off the new In Color ink, refills and card stock.

Interested and want more info? Email me 24/7 (though I'm only awake about 16/7, LOL0, and I'll get back to you immediately –

Or just take the plunge and (with all due respect to Nike) – "just do it!" Here's how:

  1. Go to my website at, then
  2. Go to "Join Stampin' Up!" and go to "Click
    here to enroll"
  3. My password to gain access is simply
    "stellarstamps" (one word -no quotation marks).
  4. Take it slowly as you may swap out (customize) kit
    contents if the kit has something you already have at home.
  5. Unless you are having your spouse on the paperwork too,
    ignore the section about “Supporting Demonstrator”
  6. If you have any roadblocks, the info you enter cannot be
    saved. Ask me any and all questions!