Matt is the eldest of our four children and he turned 21 yesterday, on June 30! If you follow my blog regarding stamping, please note the poor kid's rotten timing having been born on what would later become such a big day in my business, LOL! Boy has it been hectic around here trying to give his milestone birthday all the attention it deserves while also managing the catalog transition on June 30 and July 1. It's been tricky but so very worth it!

We went out last night for a family dinner. Daughter Kirsten (19) works as a camp counselor so we only see her one day per week and so she was not with us, which makes me sad. Friday we have a wonderful adventure planned to go wine tasting with Matt and his friends. His girlfriend flies in tomorrow night from across the country which is exciting for us as we've never met her. We will caravan in two cars (13 of us including 2 Designated Drivers) to about 6 or 7 wineries with a huge picnic planned at one of them. Wine tasting in the wine-producing areas just an hour east of us is so fun. They are more "mom and pop" or "boutique" wineries and offer the best environment for some quality wine tasting without all the big winery commercialism like they have in Napa. I will be taking my camera and posting photos of that. For now, here are a couple snapshots of dinner last night.

Here are me, Matt and Dad (Doug) in the bar area at BJ's Brewery while we wait for our table.
Matt is 21
And here's Matt with his first beer with Mom and Dad though not his first legal drink. The night before his friends took him out so that at the stroke of midnight he could be bar-hopping. Every bar they went to, the bartender gave him a free drink and, well, they didn't all coordinate with one another if ya know what I mean. Long story but in the midst of some shenanigans after drinking a wee bit too much, he took his wallet out of his pocket and put it on the sidewalk by his friend's apt or on his friend's car – he is not sure. Whatever… he lost it! SO, thank heavens he spent that semester in Italy last year as it necessitated his getting a passport so we took that along as verification of his legal drinking age! See, ya just can't have a "normal" milestone birthday without some funny side stories. Silly Matt.

Matt is an honors student on full academic scholarship in college and his Dad always says to him "you are the dumbest smart person I know". It's true! He's like the absent-minded professor sometimes but it's part of his charm!

Cheers to you my wonderful son!
Matt toasts his birthday