Sunday I drove (alone) 450 miles (7 hours) to get to my best friend from college's vacation home on Balboa Island in California. They rent it out most of the time but they spend a few weeks there every summer. These friends are my eldest son's godparents and I am their first child's godmother. Penne was my matron of honor, we were joined at the hip all thru college and lived together the whole time. Rondi was also a fabulous college roommate. Tim and Penne met (as teens) on Balboa Island and dated from about age 15 – they've been together for over 32 years! It was the most fun I could imagine. Penne is now behind all her breast cancer surgeries and reconstruction and we wanted to celebrate! Here's a little slice of the craziness of the past 4 days.

The moment I got there, I unwound on the front patio of their bayfront home. To prove I was there, LOL, I took a photo of my toes overlooking the bay.
Stellas toes at Balboa Island
This is their house. There are actually two houses. Rondi and I stayed in the second house which is behind and above the front house.
Bakman Balboa Island House
The first night we were all together (Monday) we went out to dinner in our little "maxi" dresses and bar hopping via the water. It was fun to go to a restaurant by boat. This photo of me with Rondi and Penne is staged because Rondi is about 5" 2" (max). I think Penne is 5'7" and I'm 5"9". We got Rondi to stand on the back of the sofa so she'd (for once) be taller than both of us!
Stella Rondi Penne
Our chauffeur Tim
Our hosts, Tim and Penne Bakman.
Tim and Penne