1) Stamp your image, and cut card stock to desired size.

2) Apply VersaMark ink to entire piece of card stock using a brayer or direct-to-paper technique.

3) Sprinkle
Glassy Glaze Enamel Stampin' Emboss powder over entire piece of card
stock. Tap off excess powder, and melt remaining powder using heat
tool. If you're creating a small accent piece, use the tweezers from
the Crafters' Tool Kit to hold your card stock.

4) For small
images, sprinkle on additional powder while the image is still hot. For
larger images, allow card stock to cool and apply more VersaMark ink
before sprinkling more powder over the image. Repeat up to four times.

5) Put your card stock in the freezer for a minute or two to ensure the glaze has cooled completely.

6) Remove
card stock from freezer, and bend back and forth until the enameled
layer cracks. Continue bending different portions of the card stock
until you've achieved the look you desire.

7.  (Optional): To emphasize cracked look, sponge ink into the cracks in your enamel using a sponge dauber.
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