LIfe is, surprisingly, not all about Stampin' Up! On Friday, July 3, thirteen of us (11 tasters and 2 designated drivers) went wine tasting in the El Dorado wine country area about 1 hour east of us (towards Lake Tahoe) to celebrate my eldest child's 21st birthday. We had THE best time! Here are a few of our memories of Matt's special day.

Matt and girlfriend Kathryne (who flew to California from her home in Alabama to spend the weekend with us). Photo taken on the deck at Fitzpatrick Winery in Fair Play, CA overlooking acres and acres of vineyards. The weather was glorious all day! That's northern California for you. It's often like this.
Wine tasting 1
Part of the group gathers at the wine bar for our very educational wine tasting at Fitzpatrick. It was our first stop.
Wine tasting 2
The MacKay's that were present gathered: Matt, Granma, sister and designated driver Kirsten, Dad and Mom.
Wine tasting 2b
We brought a huge and wonderful picnic lunch (if I do say so myself). We dined at our 3rd winery – Perry Creek. They sold us 3 bottles of cold Viognier (delicious!) which I served in the real wine glasses I brought along. They also turned on the outside music just for us. It was SO fun.
Wine tasting 2a
A partial group shot at our last stop – Boeger winery just outside Placerville, CA. They had a live band playing when we arrived. The two on the ends were our very gracious designated drivers (close family friend Michael 16  is on the far left & my daughter Kirsten 19 is on the far right). They did an awesome job and we'll return the favor when they turn 21! The gal who is 2nd from the right is Diane and she is the mutual friend who introduced Doug and me in 1984! Her son is Michael on the end and hubby Tim is 4th from left. The "youngsters" in this photo are some of Matt's wonderful friends.
Wine tasting 3
Finally, a funny sign at this last winery.
Wine tasting 4