I am participating in a "Secret Sister" activity on a web site and we mail items anonymously to our secret sister for a few months. Yesterday, I received a gift from my secret sister. Whoever sent these to me, used our Designer Series Paper to customize both a pen and a mini calculator that is from Staples. Clever! I also got some chocolate but that's, ummmm, gone.
SS gift
Another stamper sent me this card. She's not my secret sister but she was offering a kindness.
SS 2
I received this beautiful card from my downline, Trina, who attended convention with me. I think I'm going to copy it!
And this was not from this week but from convention. It's from my former Service Account Manager, Nate, upon my being named the 15th top demonstrator in the US.
And, lastly, while taking photos of some of these cards, I noticed Gracie sleeping weird. We should have named her Pretzel!