Got home late last night after a 650-mile drive from Salt Lake City to our home. It was a surprisingly easy drive.

So much to talk about but my mom job takes precedence today for a little bit. Will rehash it all in bits as I think of things this week. The photos do really say it all. I spent all morning uploading all my (396) photos. This is my main album. Next, I'll clean up a 2nd album solely with samples, projects and ideas (no people). That will serve as easy reference for inspiration for you without having to dig thru the demonstrator photos I took of my friends.

I have been asked by a lot of customers to update you on how I did this year. Well…. I reached my goal right on the nose! How about that?! I was #18 last year nationally and I worked hard to "better my best" and I guessed I would be around #15 and I was! Isn't that funny?! Every year I just want to do a tiny bit better so I'm thrilled! I only ever compete against myself (and never other people), which is also how I've raised my kids so I have to say I'm glad I beat me, LOL!!! And guess what my award was? $8000 cash!!! It popped into my checking account today. WOO HOO!!!

Other HUGE news: my downline, Sarah from Texas, was ranked #2 among new demonstrators in the Rising Star category! SU recognizes the top-15 demonstrators after their first full year (July 1 thru June 30). Sarah was awarded $4500 cash and will join me at the exclusive Founder's Circle retreat Sept. 16-20 hosted by SU's CEO Shelli Gardner in St. George, Utah. Last year, downline Cherise Schlicher earned a spot on the Rising Star list too. I'm two for two and motivated for more 🙂

Here's my album of convention memories – click me

Go to my blog post of July 27 to join SU and me in all this fun. For $85, why not????? Do you need to pay just one bill per month in this tough economy? Would you like to earn money to cover the expense of your hobby which is keeping you sane in this economy? Well, this may be the answer to your prayers and needs. I encourage you to go back to that blog post and think about it. I have welcomed several new demonstrators in July and August and almost every one says "I'd be silly not to since I buy anyway…." plus, like I said, maybe it'll cover just one monthly bill for you? I hope you'll consider it but time's a tickin' with the $85 kit (and my $50 product signing bonus) expiring August 31. Today I welcomed Amy from Florida!

I love Stampin' Up!