Busy, busy day. Friday just about noon, Kendall had her first activity as a high school freshman via the Freshman Overnight Retreat run by her school's Campus Ministry dept (all girl's Catholic college prep school) . The girls gather at noon Friday, do a bunch of activities, sleep on the quad in sleeping bags then I picked her up at 9 AM Saturday. She had a blast. School starts, in uniform and with all her books, tomorrow – Monday.

As timing would have it, Kirsten had to be at the airport to fly back to college just about the time Kendall had to be dropped off so we went to the high school first and that way Kirsten could say hi to former teachers and students who she might have known when she graduated May 2008. There have already been some changes on the campus so she enjoyed seeing those too.

Here are my girls, transitioning into new chapters in their lives, both on the same day (please don't get married on the same day, LOL!)

Kirsten leaves us at the airport to get on the plane from California to Alabama via Dallas. Doug had business in Atlanta and flew out Thursday but he was driving to Birmingham, AL to pick Kirsten up and help her and Matt move in this weekend. Lucky girl that Dad volunteered to be the person to get all her stuff out of storage (it took 5 trips between storage and dorms and they had to borrow a truck to bring back Matt's red leather Barcalounger he got in a thrift store last year – he say's it's his "reading chair" as one of the subject he's majoring in is English). I am betting it's also his "napping chair" 😉
Kirsten returns to Bama
Adieu Kirsten! It's just about this moment when Mom gets teary-eyed 🙁 Won't see Kirsten (or Matt) again until Thanksgiving (unless Mom flies out for a 'Bama football game – always a possibility as they were #1 for a time last year and I just have to experience one of those games).
Kirsten airport 2
Parents were invited back to the high school late Friday afternoon to participate in some activities including the Freshman welcome liturgy. Here's Kendall processing in for Mass.
Kendall freshman liturgy
As a surprise, all the parents rehearsed a song (again, that made me cry) about blessing them in their new adventure. Here's Kendall looking back at me as we sang.
Kendall liturgy 2

Best wishes to Kirsten in her sophomore year in college and to Kendall in her freshman year in high school. Kendall turns 14 on Tuesday. Lots going on.