Kathy Hamrick used Serene Snowflakes (pg. 26 Holiday) and Four the Holidays (pg. 19 Holiday).

Kathy Hamrick

Tiffany Bauer created with Charming (pg. 32 Holiday) which was intended for our Simply Adorned jewelry and which Tiffany used in a great alternative way!

Tiffany Bauer

Jackie Ross really impressed me with this card. It's not super ornate or anything but I just loved it. She used Sense of Time (pg. 124 IB&C). I sat with her as she completed them at Founder's. Maybe I feel part of the birthing process, who knows!?

Jackie Ross

Laurie Krauss used Dasher (pg. 208 IB&C), Priceless (pg. 130 IB&C) and Heard from the Heart (pg. 142 IB&C).

Laurie Krauss