I wanted you to see what this software can do. WOW is my first reaction as it was SO easy. I timed myself and I got through these 12 8" x 8"pages in just under one hour and that included perusing lots of photo choices (hundreds) and rearranging and such. I am not finished but here's the start of an album I'm creating for my son and daughter who (after my son finished his 5 months studying in Italy) met up in Amsterdam and toured Europe via backpack and hostels for just over three weeks. A trip of a lifetime!

In these photos Matt is 20 and Kirsten is 18. Yes, we put her on a plane three days after she graduated from high school, all alone and she flew from California to Amsterdam with only a backpack. When she got to Amsterdam, she had to figure out the train system to get on a train to meet her brother and friend in downtown. She's a tough and brave cookie and Dad and I did not sleep until the three were safely together… 2:30 AM our time! She returns to Europe in just over one year for her semester trip there.

Everything below was a template with only the empty spots for photos. You can move the embellishments, change them, remove them… the list goes on. I tried to keep it all pretty close to the template so you could see how much is already done for you.

8X8 Album Matt Kirsten Europe_2-001

8X8 Album Matt Kirsten Europe_2-002

I have to move the embellishment over a bit below (super easy to do) but check it out. In the London train station, they put up a Platform 9 3/4 just like from Harry Potter. Oh those Brits are funny! Hey, I'm a Brit by birth!

8X8 Album Matt Kirsten Europe_2-003

8X8 Album Matt Kirsten Europe_2-004

8X8 Album Matt Kirsten Europe_2-005

8X8 Album Matt Kirsten Europe_2-006

8X8 Album Matt Kirsten Europe_2-007

8X8 Album Matt Kirsten Europe_2-008

8X8 Album Matt Kirsten Europe_2-009

8X8 Album Matt Kirsten Europe_2-010

8X8 Album Matt Kirsten Europe_2-011

This page below won't look like that but I just plopped the photos on then I'll tweak later.

8X8 Album Matt Kirsten Europe_2-012

I need to add text, move things around but for a quick effort, look how much I got done.

IDEA: Christmas gifts! Create one album then print one for each grandparent!

The software makes scrapbooks in other sizes plus calendars plus cards plus …..

This is the most awesome product I think Stampin' Up! has ever introduced!!