Saturday I worked at a craft faire and it was about 85 degrees. I was toasty all day. We kept hearing that the first storm of the season was coming Monday night. Ok, that's fine. Season's change, la, la, la….

Oh my gosh, it was like Armageddon here today! It poured and was windy all day long. I lost power (no joke) 13 times. Driving to my daughter's high school, which is about 12 miles away, I dodged fallen branches, flooded roads, 4 fire engines I had to pull over for, saw one accident with the wind whipping and rain pouring. I took me 45 minutes to get home and it ordinarily takes about 25 minutes.Holy moly!

This was fun. I had my purse on my shoulder to go get Kendall from high school. Power flips off. Uh, guess what is powered by electricity that a person needs to work? The garage door! I had to use the bypass and lift it manually only to have it slip down. So I then had to find a ladder to prop the door onto. Uh, still not high enough to allow my minivan to clear. I then put a bucket on the top of the ladder and raised the garage door enough just to get my car out. Then, of course, while it's pouring I have to get out of my car and move the ladder so I'm not leaving the garage door open while I'm not home. Yes, I just had a cocktail this evening.

Our swimming pool always tells the tale. It rose 3" today. The water is supposed to be below the top 3 rows of blue tile. It's now at the top of the top tile.

And poor little Michael, my 6th grader. Yesterday I was a driver to the week-long environmental camp the class went to – 60 miles from the school. The weather report said they might get up to 7" of rain up there! I hope there's an ark 😉

Here's the pool a moment ago and the sky above after the storm has passed. What a  very non-traditional California day! And please don't tell me shoveling snow stories… this is all relative. We Californians don't know how to handle inclement weather!