I am sure this is old news to many but I thought I'd bring it up since I just took care of this today. I had my catalog front and back covers laminated and the spine spiral bound. I do it every year right when the catalog comes out but this year time got away from me so I only got to it now. I took my catalog to a large office supply store and in a matter of a few minutes, and $4.49 later, I had my catalog primped like it was going to the prom! No corsages necessary 😉

I have a few olders ones I'm showing here too but the new one is on top. They cut the spine off, then they laminate the front and back ($1 each) then they add the white spiral ($3.49), then they punch the holes in it (free, LOL!) and then they put it all together. I love the ability to refer to the catalog while I'm using it as an idea book and having it lay/lie (I never know which word is correct!) down on a table or on an easel. It's just an extra little thing I like to do since I keep my catalogs forever and continually refer to them for ideas.

Idea Books

See how it now lies flat for ease of using it as a pattern or template?

Idea Book Flat 

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